Pam Rhodes, Songs of Praise presenter, book launch for Arthur's Garden at Winstone's Bookshop

Meet Songs of Praise presenter Pam Rhodes who will be talking about her new book, Arthur's Garden, on Saturday, 25th May, 19:00 pm at Winstone's Bookshop, in the Butterfly Room, Castle Gardens. Tickets are £5, and can be purchased at Winstone's Bookshop here and the event is featured on Facebook here.

Arthur's Garden: Up the garden path, down memory lane

"As I stand at my kitchen sink and look across at what we optimistically call our herb garden, to one side I see an old wooden sign on which are carved the words 'Arthur's Garden'. Arthur doesn't live here. My wonderful great-uncle died nearly thirty years ago having spent most of his long life in the Victorian terraced house in which his mother had brought up eleven children. The sign had stood in the garden there for decades, a gift to the man who'd always cherished that small patch of Kent, creating a riot of glorious colour which lit up the row of long, narrow strips that tumbled down to a line of back gates from which you could look across the lane to the local coal yard below."

In Arthur's Garden, Pam Rhodes collates a heart-warming collection of songs and poems, advice and tit bits about the glorious, very ordinary, English garden - told through the life of her Uncle Arthur. This is a gardening book, with a story.


Winstone's Bookshop, in the Butterfly Room at Castle Gardens, Sherborne