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Wonders of the Living World Biology and belief Ruth Bancewicz

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22 Nov 2019
208 pages: 195 x 240 mm

The living world is beautiful, intricate and incredibly complex. Whether at the level of microscopic detail or whole ecosystems, our exploration of planet earth is just beginning. In recent years, some believing scientists have challenged the prevailing ideology that evolution is a blind, purposeless, pitiless process. What they and others have found tells a story of cooperation, complexity, order and exquisite detail. Their work also raises a host of questions. How special is our planet? Is DNA universal? Why is everything so beautiful? Is the development of life constrained or channelled in any way? Why do animals help each other? How does intelligence emerge from organic processes? Dr Ruth Bancewicz, in collaboration with prominent scientists, explores these questions in this stunning colour illustrated work that brings biology to life and will inspire wonder in the living world.
Ruth is a Senior Research Associate at The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, working on the positive interaction between science and faith. After studying Genetics at Aberdeen University, she completed a PhD at Edinburgh University, based at the MRC Human Genetics Unit. During this time she also worked at the Edinburgh Science Festival, developing and delivering hands-on science activities. She spent two years as a part-time postdoctoral researcher at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology, Edinburgh University, while also working as the Development Officer for Christians in Science - a post she held for three years, before moving full-time to the Faraday Institute to develop the Test of FAITH resources, the first of which were launched in 2009. Ruth is a trustee of Christians in Science.

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