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Wonderful Baby Bob Hartman, Ruth Hearson

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20th March 2020
Board book
10 pages: 180mm x 180mm
Bob Hartman's Baby Board Books
Lion Children's Books
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Based on Psalm 8, cosy up with your baby to share the warmth and comfort of being loved by God, reaffirming how wonderful they are to you and God. This is one of a series of delightful books by storyteller Bob Hartman based on biblical passages, which reference children and convey simple biblical truths that God loves and values them and they are wonderful and unique. Illustrated with clear, engaging, charming baby faces, which reflect the love, delight, warmth and emotion in the simple narratives. Research shows that babies are born being able to recognise faces, enabling them to connect quickly with their caregivers, so these books will be perfect for sharing with any 0-2 year olds. A perfect gift for newborn babies and first birthdays.

Bob Hartman is a performance storyteller par excellence who has travelled the world telling stories and entertaining children with his imaginative stories for over 30 years. He is the author of over 60 books including, the best-selling Lion Storyteller Bible, and other titles in the Storyteller series, the interactive Playalong Bible, and the hilarious Bumper Tales from the Bible. He is married, with two children and five grandchildren.

|Ruth often describes her job as 'drawing baby toes' as in recent years she has enjoyed illustrating lots of books for babies and toddlers. Ruth graduated from Birmingham City University in 1996 with a First-Class degree in Visual Communication: Illustration and had such a lovely time she stayed on to do a Master's degree. In 2018 Ruth was delighted to be nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal for Illustration, the most exciting thing since winning an Easter egg for disco dancing at the Year 5 school disco. Actively involved with her church, Ruth helps to present a monthly service called 'Everybody Sunday' which creatively presents a biblical theme to an all- age congregation. You'll find Ruth drawing and drinking tea at home in North Staffordshire, where she lives with her husband, two noisy teenage children and a sleepy cat called Orlando.

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