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Why? Why evil? Why suffering? Why death? Russell Stannard

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20th June 2003
144 pages: 198mm x 130mm x 9mm

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If the world was created by God, why is it in such a mess? Russell Stannard begins his exploration with the question of evil. Why, he asks, do we see terrible things happening each day? Evil leads on to suffering. Evil does not, though, cause all suffering. What about natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, disease? And finally there is death. It is the one inevitability we must all face up to in our lives. Does it not make everything seem pretty pointless? Drawing on his scientific background and his Christian faith, Russell Stannard offers penetrating and perceptive responses to these seemingly unanswerable questions.
Part 1: Why Evil? Part 2: Why Suffering? Part 3: Why Death?
Professor Russell Stannard OBE. Former Head of Physics and Astronomy at the Open University, he was a high energy physicist working at the CERN Laboratory in Geneva. A licensed lay minister in the Church of England, broadcaster on BBC Radio 4's Thought for the Day, and award-winning author. Best known in children's publishing for the Uncle Albert trilogy (Faber, now published in 20 languages). He writes for both adults and young people about science, religion, and how the two can be related to each other.

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