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Why Can't They Get Along? A conversation between a Muslim, a Jew and a Christian Dan Cohn-Sherbok, Dawoud El-Alami, George D Chryssides

18th April 2014
240 pages: 198mm x 130mm

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Christians, Muslims and Jews all stem from one man, Abraham, and yet relations between them are so often strained. Three men of faith - one Jew, one Muslim and one Christian - debate the differences between them. The result is a compelling discussion: What do their faiths teach on the big issues of life? What can be done to make for better relationships in the future? What can be done on the big global areas of conflict and tension? How can they get along? For hundreds of years, many of the biggest global conflicts have been fuelled by religious hatred and prejudice. It is evident, in the early part of the 21st century that not much has changed. Whether it is fundamentalist Muslims waging jihad in Afghanistan and Pakistan, or the perpetual low scale hostilities between Israel and the Palestinians, to the man in the street, religion seems to make people more likely to fight each other, not less. Why is this? Why Can't They Get Along? is a powerful and much needed account. Current, passionate and compelling it is essential reading.
Professor Dan Cohn-Sherbok is a Reform Judaism Rabbi, Professor Emeritus of Judaism at the University of Wales, and a Visiting Research Fellow at Heythrop college . He is also a prolific author, and was a Finalist in the Times Preacher of the year competition in 2011.|Dr Dawoud El-Alami is a lawyer and academic who has held appointments at the University of Kent in Canterbury, the University of Oxford, Al Al-Bayt University in Jordan and the University of Wales, Lampeter.|Dr George D Chryssides is Honorary Research Fellow in Contemporary Religion at the University of Birmingham. He holds a M.A. in Philosophy and a B.D. in Systematic Theology from the University of Glasgow and a D.Phil. in Philosophy of Religion from the University of Oxford. He has a particular interest in new religious movements, on which he has published extensively.

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