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Where has my little girl gone? How to protect your daughter from growing up too soon Tanith Carey

20 May 2011
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Padded bras for seven-year-olds, dolls dressed in high heels, and pole dancing kits for kids. From every angle, our daughters are bombarded by messages about looks and sexuality they are too young to understand. Even primary school girls feel pressured to conform to a thin, "sexy" ideal, leading to self-destructive behaviour, ranging from eating disorders and self-harm to anxiety and low self-esteem. But while girls are fast-tracked through childhood, parents are being drowned out by the internet, retailers, the media, and peer pressure. And even though a furious debate is raging about why it's happening and who's to blame, so far there has been no practical help for parents on how to fight back against the Lolita Effect. Now parenting author Tanith Carey, herself the mother of two young girls, has written the first hands-on guide for parents which will show you how to: Screen out damaging messages about body image and sex from the internet and media Build your daughter's self-esteem so she is strong enough to deal with the pressure to behave older than her years Say the right things at the right time so she is inoculated against the worst influences of the X-rated society Packed full of insights, experts' tips, and real experiences, Where has my little girl gone? is an essential and timely guide to safeguarding your daughter's childhood - so she can grow into the healthy, confident woman she deserves to be. Tanith Carey is a parenting author and journalist, who writes for a huge range of national newspapers and magazines. This is her fifth book.
Tanith Carey is a parenting author and journalist who writes for a wide range of national newspapers and magazines. She started her career as a news reporter, becoming a crime correspondent on the Brighton Evening Argus before joining the Daily Mirror. After several years as a feature writer undertaking investigations, celebrity interviews and backgrounders, she joined the Features Desk, first as Woman's Editor, and then Features Editor. Soon after the birth of her first child, Tanith was awarded Consumer Journalist of the Year – and later that year moved to New York as the Mirror's US Editor, a position she held jointly with her husband Anthony Harwood. On her return to the UK in 2005, Tanith wrote her first book, the biography of Russell Brand. It was followed by A Mother's Love, a prose collection on motherhood, and How to Be an Amazing Mum – When You Just Don't Have the Time. She then went on to write Where Has My Little Girl Gone? She was nominated as National Newspaper Health Writer of the Year as well as the UK Press Gazette Scoop of the Year for her investigative journalism. Now a mother of two young girls, Tanith’s books are essential hands-on guides for parenting in the modern age. She covers topics from protecting young girls from the damaging messages about body image and sex from the internet and media to practical tips for becoming a stress-free mother. Tanith lives in North London and combines writing books with journalism.

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