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What St Paul Really Said Tom Wright

24th October 2003
192 pages: 198mm x 130mm x 12mm

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Paul has provoked people as much in recent times as he did when he was alive. Some regard him as a pestilent and dangerous fellow. Others think of him as the greatest teacher of Christianity after Jesus himself. In this book, leading theologian Tom Wright focuses on key areas of Paul's teaching,helping us to understand what he was doing and saying. He sweeps away the confusion of much modern theology to uncover the real man and his message. What St Paul Really Said is a book for all who want to weigh the evidence before making up their minds on the vital questions surrounding Paul. Equally it is for those who want to know what his message might mean for us today.
Contents Preface Chapter 1 - Puzzling Over Paul Chapter 2 - Saul the Persecutor, Paul the Convert Chapter 3 - Herald of the King Chapter 4 - Paul and Jesus Chapter 5 - Good News for the Pagans Chapter 6 - Good News for Israel Chapter 7 - Justification and the Church Chapter 8 - God's Renewed Humanity Chapter 9 - Paul's Gospel Then and Now Chapter 10 - Paul, Jesus and Christian Origins Annotated Bibliography
Tom Wright is bishop of Durham and a biblical scholar of international standing. Formerly a full-time tutor in New Testament Studies at Oxford, Cambridge and McGill universities, he is one of a handful of scholars at the forefront of research into the historical Jesus.

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