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What Mums Want (and Dads Need to Know) Harry Benson, Kate Benson

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20th January 2017
224 pages: 198mm x 130mm

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Everyone wants reliable love. Yet nearly half of all today's parents split up. Harry and Kate Benson began their own married life with great expectations. But within a few years of parenthood, they stood on the brink of divorce. Their road to recovery - and to building a family of six children - helped turn Harry into Britain's leading champion for marriage. In this ground-breaking book, Harry and Kate tell their own inspiring, hope-filled story, set within the wider context of family research into what works. Harry and Kate's radical solution to strengthening families and reducing unnecessary family breakdown is simple. Modern research suggests a happy mother tends to mean happy children. The mother is the lynchpin around whom the family rotates. Yet for most mothers, the success of a marriage depends primarily on the husband's ability to make his wife feel valued. In other words: husband, love your wife. And she will love you right back. In that order. That's what mums want. That's the recipe for happy family life.

Harry Benson is one of Britain’s leading champions for marriage. As research director for Marriage Foundation, his findings are routinely cited in the media and by politicians and have made front page news on several occasions. Harry has spent the last twenty years researching, writing and teaching about marriage and family. Harry is the author of Commit or Quit, What Mums Want (and Dads Need to Know), Let's Stick Together, and Mentoring Marriages.


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