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What Have They Done With Jesus? Beyond strange theories and bad history Ben Witherington III

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24 Aug 2007
352 pages: 156 x 234
Monarch Books
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This book is a strong response to the many strange current theories about Jesus, from Dan Brown and others, most based on the flimsiest evidence. Witherington highlights the core Christian claims by investigating figures such as Mary the mother of Jesus; Mary Magdalene; Thomes, Peter, James, Paul and others. In each chapter he addresses the full range of questions about these figures and what each of them can teach us about the historical Jesus. This is a necessary corrective to the wild theorists who build castles upon fragments such as The Gospel of Judas. The main New Testament figures are our best sources by far.
Professor of New Testament at Asbury Theological Seminary, author of more than 30 books, and a regular contributor to church and scholarly publications. He was awarded his doctorate from the University of Durham, UK. He is regarded as one of the top evangelical scholars in the world.

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