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Unseen Footprints Encountering the divine along the journey of life Sheridan Voysey

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20th July 2007
176 pages: 216mm x 138mm x 10mm

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How many unseen realities lie beneath the surface of our lives? Most of us have days when we sense a world of vivid colour is out there, but remains shrouded from us. Instead of seeing bright reds and purples, we see only pastels. But through a brush with serendipity - the unexpected surprise - the veil lifts for a moment and we glimpse the vibrancy of that other world. And in that moment we sense something bigger than us has been encountered. Unseen Footprints is about opening our spiritual eyes to see the activities of the divine around us. Could life flow right beneath our noses? Could we have had encounters with the divine that we haven't yet recognised as such? Could God be written into the drama of our lives as if played by a secondary character or an extra that we haven't paid much attention to?
Contents: 1. Pain: The Journey Begins 2. Yearning: The Journey Intensifies 3. Whispers: The Journey's Signposts 4. Encounter: Journey Interrupted 5. Doubt: The Journey's Crisis 6. Dream: Towards a New World 7. Surrender: Seeing the Divine

Sheridan Voysey is a writer, speaker and broadcaster with a keen interest in what makes life deeply worthwhile. He has written seven books and has been featured in publications like The Times, Sunday Telegraph and Christianity Today, and he writes regularly for Our Daily Bread, a devotional read by 90 million people daily. He is a presenter of Pause for Thought on BBC Radio 2’s Zoe Ball Breakfast Show (heard by 9 million people daily), and contributes to media across the UK, US, Europe and Australia, and he speaks at events around the world.

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