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Two-Minute Bible Stories Fun, Fast-paced Tales for Tinies Elena Pasquali, Nicola Smee

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20 Jun 2008
48 pages: 215 x 230 x 12
Lion Children's Books
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A collection of ten great stories retold at a cracking pace - perfect for story-times. Each story is retold in a short but continuous narrative, with quick and quirky illustrations adding to the momentum. The playful element is enhanced by text that 'interacts' with the pictures by means of join-in onomatopaeic labels and speech bubbles so that they are fun to share with children. The large text and carefully managed readability mean that such a book is also great fun for young children who are learning to read.
Stories include: In the Beginning; Noah and the Flood; Moses and the Deep Water; Jonah and the Whale; Daniel and the Lions; Baby Jesus; The Lost Sheep; The Good Samaritan; Jairus and his Daughter; The Two Builders.
Elena Pasquali studied Romance languages at University. She worked for some years in children's publishing before going on to be an author in her own right. She has a special interest in researching and retelling folk tales from around the world. She enjoys exploring new cultures and learning the languages that will help her on her way.|Nicola Smee's illustrations have been shortlisted for the Sainsbury's Baby Book Award and nominated for the Booktrust Early Years Award

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