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Traidcraft Inspiring a Fair Trade Revolution Joe Osman

21st August 2020
Digital (delivered electronically)
272 pages:

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Traidcraft was a true pioneer of the Fair Trade movement and has played a major role in changing the landscape of ethical shopping. This book charts the history of Traidcraft from its birth in 1979 up until its 40th anniversary in 2019. The story is told through the eyes of one of its longest serving members, Joe Osman, who joined Traidcraft in its early days. The book features stories and anecdotes covering his extensive experience of travelling and putting fair trade into practice.

Traidcraft was always an initiative rooted in the Christian faith and those origins are explored, as are the challenges of putting faith into action through a different way of doing business. Including contributions from many ex-members of staff, including its founder, as well as external collaborators and producers, this is a fascinating history of a truly revolutionary company.

Foreword by Dr John Sentamu, former Archbishop of York
Introduction 9

Part One: The Early Years
Chapter 1 Beginnings  14
Chapter 2 Yet More Beginnings 20
Chapter 3 Becoming Established 31
Chapter 4 Handicrafts and More 37

Part Two: Into the 1990s
Chapter 5 A Hard Act to Follow 48
Chapter 6 A New Way of Working Overseas 52
Chapter 7 New Partnerships in the UK 60
Chapter 8 Not Just Fair Trade 65
Chapter 9 Hard Times and Big Changes 71

Part Three: A New Millennium
Chapter 10 New Leadership, New Approach 82
Chapter 11 Growth and Influence 91

Part Four: Part of a Global Movement
Chapter 12 Early Years 104
Chapter 13 Fairtrade Labelling 109
Chapter 14 Working with EFTA 118
Chapter 15 Membership of WFTO and Other Collaborations 122

Part Five: Innovation – A History of Fair Trade “Firsts”
Chapter 16 A Fair Brew 130
Chapter 17 A Coffee Legacy That Never Seemed to be Forgotten 144
Chapter 18 Sweet Justice: a Sugar Journey 149
Chapter 19 Cocoa and Chocolate 157
Chapter 20 Not Such a Dirty Oil 165

Part Six: Traidcraft and Supermarkets
Chapter 21 Engaging with the Big Players 172
Chapter 22 A Natural Ally: The Co-op 180

Part Seven: Christian Roots and Mission
Chapter 23 A Christian Organization? 190
Chapter 24 A Christian Response to Poverty 204

Part Eight: Traidcraft’s Most Recent History
Chapter 25 Not Such a Flourishing Business  216
Chapter 26 One Traidcraft?  220
Chapter 27 Averting Disaster and a New Hope?  226
Chapter 28 Reflections on a Forty-Year Journey 235

Epilogue: A Personal Reflection by Richard Adams 248
Appendix 1: Traidcraft’s Objectives 253
Appendix 2: Traidcraft website blog post, 2015 260
Appendix 3: WFTO: Ten Principles of Fair Trade 263
Appendix 4: Timeline 269

Joe Osman has been described as a Fair Trade specialist, with over 40 years' experience, joining Traidcraft in the early 1980s and playing a central role in the company. Having left Traidcraft in 2019 he decided to chart the history and legacy of this unique organisation. Joe operated at a senior level within Traidcraft for many years, including more than 12 years as a director, and has represented Traidcraft on numerous occasions throughout the UK and beyond.

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