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Tiny Tots Prayers Lois Rock, Kay Widdowson

17th April 2015
64 pages: 180mm x 168mm
Candle Tiny Tots
Lion Children's Books
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A companion prayer book to the popular and cheerful Tiny Tots Bible, this volume contains sweet, simple, and sincere prayers, inspired by the promises of the Bible. Illustrated by Kay Widdowson with her trademark joyful characters and jam-packed with colours.
Hello God 7 Can you see me, God? 8 Can you hear me, God? 10 My counting prayer 12 Helping hands 16 God Bless Us All 19 God bless my family 20 Thank you for my home 22 Thank you for my food 24 Thank you for kind people 26 God's Wonderful World 29 Thank you for the day 30 Whatever the weather 32 We share this world 34 Wild things 36 Singing birds 38 Pets 40 A Child of God 42 God is love 44 Singing praises 46 Following Jesus 48 Saying sorry 50 The good shepherd 52 The prayer Jesus gave 54 Now the Day is Over 57 An angel to watch over me 58 Index of First Lines 62 My star prayer 64
LOIS ROCK has established an international reputation as a children's writer. Specialising in Bible stories, prayer books, and information books, her books have been translated into over 30 languages with sales of 4 million copies.|Kay Widdowson studied at Chesterfield College of Art and Design then went to work in film animation for five years. She then became a freelance illustrator of children's books and still works in this field, as well as designing for greetings cards and gift wraps. Kay's style is bold and bursting with luscious colours and unexpected shapes which fit together into her playful animal compositions -- full of movement and energy. Recently Kay has concentrated on print making including collograph, which makes use of the medium's characteristic boldness.

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