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The World of the Early Church A social history Simon Jones

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18th March 2011
192 pages: 240mm x 195mm x 19mm

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The Roman world formed the social and cultural backdrop to the emergence of the Christian movement, which has influenced so deeply the world we live in today. So what was it like for ordinary people? Where did they live? What work did they do? What did they do in their free time? How did they understand their place in the world, in relation to others and, very importantly, the gods? And, significantly, how was it that a rural Jewish renewal group became one of the fastest-growing urban movements through the first century and beyond?
Contents: Begins Here... 1. An Urban Movement 2. The Homes People Lived in 3. All in a Day's Work 4. Bread and Circuses 5. A Place in the World 6. Family Life 7. Making Ends Meet 8. A Supermarket of Faiths
Simon Jones was a financial journalist before being appointed Editor of Christianity, and is now minister of Bromley Baptist Church. He has written seven books, mainly for ivp, including Discovering the New Testament and Why Bother with Church, the latter being the inspiration behind his current field of study. He has taught on the social history of the New Testament in Sri Lanka and Prague as well as at Spring Harvest and in his own church, and published articles in this area.

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