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The Thing About the Office Liz Babbs

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19 Sep 2003
96 pages: 152 x 113 mm
Thing About…


This book takes a good look at some of the main issues and pressures surrounding the world of work: what things tend to stress us out, why that is and what can be done about it. Light-hearted commentary and lively cartoons combine with practical tips to produce a book that is both entertaining and helpful. Also in this series: The Thing About Mums The Thing About Dads The Thing About Stress The Thing About Kids The Thing About Calories
Section headings: Time Management; Relationship Issues; Downloading Your Life; and Stressbusters.
Liz Babbs, M.Ed, is an author, performer and broadcaster. A former ME sufferer, she is patron of the charity ‘Christians with ME'. Liz has been described as ‘an expert in relaxation and meditation' and has led sessions on radio and TV as well as at Waterstone's, Greenbelt and Easter People. Liz writes on issues of health and spirituality and her publications include CDs as well as books. The Thing About Stress (2002) was her first title for Lion.

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