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The Lion Storyteller Book of Parables Bob Hartman, Krisztina Kallai Nagy

19th June 2015
Digital (delivered electronically)
64 pages:
Lion Children's Books
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A wonderful addition to the Storyteller range, told by the expert storyteller, Bob Hartman. Twenty-seven of Jesus' parables are given a fresh twist in his lively and dynamic style, managing to effortlessly engage young readers and make clear the depths of meaning within the story. Illustrations by Krista Kallai Nagy add to the warm-hearted appeal of the parables. This book is suitable for teachers seeking material to read out loud in class and assemblies, and for parents wanting stories children can enjoy having read to them, or for those who are starting to read by themselves.
Introduction x The Sower xx Matthew 13; Mark 4; Luke 8 The Two Sons xx Matthew 21 The Pharisee and the Tax Collector xx Luke 18 The Visitor at Midnight xx Luke 11 The Unjust Judge xx Luke 18 The Mustard Seed xx Matthew 13; Mark 4; Luke 13 A Little Bit of Yeast xx Matthew 13; Luke 13 The Wheat and the Weeds xx Matthew 13 The Hidden Treasure xx Matthew 13 The Precious Pearl xx Matthew 13 The Unforgiving Servant xx Matthew 18 The Workers in the Vineyard xx Matthew 20 The Great Feast xx Luke 14 The Kind Stranger xx Luke 10 The Lost Sheep xx Matthew 18; Luke 15 The Lost Coin xx Luke 15 The Lost Son xx Luke 15 The Man Who Loved Money xx Luke 12 The Sheep and the Goats xx Matthew 25 The Rich Man and the Beggar xx Luke 16 The Wise and Foolish Bridesmaids xx Matthew 25 The Thief in the Night xx Matthew 24, Luke 12 The Wicked Servant xx Matthew 24 The Three Servants xx Matthew 25; Luke 19 The Wicked Tenants xx Matthew; 21; Luke 20; Mark 12; The Wise and Foolish Builders xx Matthew 7; Luke 6 Sharing stories with a crowd xx

Bob Hartman is a performance storyteller par excellence. He has been entertaining audiences on both sides of the Atlantic for over 25 years with his books and performances, which bring together retellings of Bible stories and traditional tales from around the world with his own imaginative stories. His books are full of humour and insight, whilst his storytelling sessions are exciting, engaging, dynamic – and above all, interactive! He is well known for his hugely popular The Lion Storyteller collection, the Telling the Bible series, and the highly acclaimed picture books: The Wolf Who Cried BoyDinner in the Lions' Den and The Three Billy Goats' Stuff.


Krisztina Kallai Nagy graduated from the Hungarian College for Applied Arts in Budapest. She is a talented Hungarian artist who has illustrated many children's book in her home country and for publishers in the US and UK. She is a member of the Hungarian Illustrator's Society and has won the beautiful children book award in Hungary three times. Her illustrations are meant to reflect humor, kindliness, and playfulness.

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