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The Lion Storyteller Bedtime Book Bob Hartman, Krisztina Kallai Nagy

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21st February 2014
128 pages: 260mm x 215mm
Lion Children's Books
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This popular title from the Lion Storyteller series has had worldwide sales of over 120,000 copies, has been translated into 7 different languages, and now it's available in paperback. Bob Hartman's retellings of 40 warm and reassuring bedtime stories, taken from around the world and retold especially for reading aloud, are combined with Kriszta Kallai Nagy's naive and colourful illustrations, which give a freshness to the text. Useful storytelling tips from the author are included to help with reading the stories aloud. 'As the author says in the introduction: "Bedtime stories need to leave the listener with that safe, warm, happily-ever-after feeling." And that's what this collection does, time and time again.' Manchester Evening News
Introduction 7 The Mouse and the Lion--- 8 A Story from Greece Silly Jack 10 A Story from England The Girl Who Played With the Stars 12 A Story from Scotland Three Months' Night 16 A Story from North America Arion and the Dolphin 18 A Story from Greece Rabbit and Tiger Save the World 21 A Story from Puerto Rico The Shepherd and the Clever Princess 22 A Story from Finland Tortoise Brings Food 26 A Story from Africa Polly and the Frog 29 A Story from England Rabbit and Tiger Go Fishing 33 A Story from Puerto Rico The Mouse Deer's Wisdom 34 A Story from Java The Four Friends 37 A Story from India The Brave Bull Calf 40 A Story from England Tiger Gets Stuck 44 A Story from Puerto Rico The Clever Mouse 46 A Story from Wales The Amazing Pine Cone 48 A Story from Finland The Very Strong Sparrow 51 A Story from Africa Simple John 54 A Story from Germany The Selfish Sand Frog 58 A Story from Australia The Mouse's Bride 60 A Story from India The Big Wave 63 A Story from Japan Tiger and the Storm 66 A Story from Puerto Rico The Knee-High Man 69 A Story from North America The Clever Baker 71 A Story from Scotland How the Kangaroo Got Its Tail 74 A Story from Australia The Greedy Farmer 76 A Story from Wales The Generous Bird 79 A Story by Bob Hartman Tiger Eats a Monkey 83 A Story from Puerto Rico Lazy Tom 85 A Story from Ireland The Contented Priest 88 A Story from Spain Olle and the Troll 92 A Story from Norway The Steel Man 96 A Story from North America The Crafty Farmer 100 A Story from Japan Tiger Tries to Cheat 102 A Story from Puerto Rico The Two Brothers 105 A Story from Brazil Kayoku and the Crane 108 A Story from Japan The Two Sisters 112 A Story from France The Selfish Beasts 115 A Story from Africa The Determined Frog 118 A Story from Russia The Robber and the Monk 120 A Story from Egypt Sharing stories with a crowd 124 A note from the author 128
Bob Hartman, author of the best-selling Lion Storyteller Bible, and other titles in the Storyteller series, the highly acclaimed Angels, Angels All Around, and the hilarious Wolf Who Cried Boy. He regularly entertains children with his storytelling in schools and at festivals.|KRISZTINA KALLAI NAGY is a talented Hungarian artist who has illustrated many children's book in her home country and for publishers in the US and UK (notably Child's Play)

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