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The Lion Handbook of Science and Christianity R J Berry

23rd March 2012
288 pages: 240mm x 168mm
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Fully illustrated and accessibly written, this is an up to date and authoritative survey of the entire history of the relationship between science and Christianity. A thorough introduction to the nature of scientific and theological enquiry is followed by an examination of each major scientific discipline and its engagement with Christianity. Berry covers famous events (Galileo's trial, Darwinian controversy, Creationism) and less well-known debates. Recent scientific developments are explored including cloning, the human genome, GM crops, nuclear power, artificial intelligence, and gravity as an explanation for the origins of the Universe. The Intelligent Design movement and theories on how the world may end is also given consideration.
Introduction: the changing place of Theology and Science as arbiters of reality. The big questions: how do we know what we know? Part 1. The roots of modern science: an overview of the history of science and religion, including profiles of key scientists, from Galileo to Dawkins, with boxes on key events and challenges to theology, science education, myths and mistakes. Part 2. A number of sections exploring key contemporary issues in depth, including: - Creation and evolution - with articles representing all sides eg Dawkins challenges to religion, Intelligent Design and Creationism. - What it means to be human with shorter articles on medical ethics eg euthanasia, infertility and genetic engineering. - The end of the world. Part 3 Conclusions and challenges for the future.
R.J. Berry was formerly Professor of Genetics at University College London for twenty-five years. He is a recipient of the UK Templeton Award for sustained advocacy of the Christian faith in the world of science, and author of several books in the field of science-faith relations.

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