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The Lion Classic Wisdom Stories Mary Joslin, Christina Balit

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15th February 2013
128 pages: 240mm x 168mm x 14mm
Lion Classic
Lion Children's Books
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This collection is a treasure trove of the world's storytelling wisdom, ranging from the must-have favourites (Axe soup, Under the Banyan Tree) to lesser known stories that are at once compelling and unforgettable. 28 stories, re-told in Mary Joslin's elegant style are illustrated with eye-catching pictures, making this book a valuable addition to any bookshelf. Presented in a beautifully designed hardback cover, The Lion Book of Classic Wisdom Stories makes a thoughtful and lasting gift.
Spider Learns a Lesson A tale from Ghana and the West Indies The Emperor's New Clothes From a tale by Hans Christian Andersen The Three Wanderers A tale from the Bura tribe in Nigeria The Story That Grew Based on a tale from Bengal Waiting for a Rabbit A tale from China Dazzled by Dreams An Iroquois legend The Wise Man and the Pumpkin A tale from Turkey The Woodcutter of Gura A tale from Ethiopia Silver on the Hearth A tale from Afghanistan The Boastful Turtle A tale from India The Ant and the Grain of Wheat A tale from Italy Poor Little Rich Girl A tale from Poland The Eagle and the Jackdaw A tale by Aesop, from ancient Greece Trust the Donkey A Sioux legend Under the Banyan Tree A tale from Bhutan A Bowl of Milk A Parsi tale, from Persia and India The Clothes Line A tale from the Middle East Axe Porridge A tale from Russia The Price of Eggs A tale from the Middle East The Wise Man and the Thief A tale from the Far East Why the Wasp Can't Make Honey A tale from Jamaica The Lion and the Hare A tale from Africa The Bell of Atri A tale from Italy Abelard and the Three Gifts A folk tale from France The Nightingale From a tale by Hans Christian Andersen The Most Precious Gift A tale from the Near East The Boatman A world story The River That Moved A tale from Asia Minor

Mary Joslin is married and has 3 grown up children. She began writing when her own children were still young and has since written books that have been published throughout the world. For Lion, these include: Our Father, The Tale of the Heaven Tree, Do the Angels Watch Close By?, The Merchant Enticed by the Pearl of Great Price and The Story of the Cross.

|Christina Balit is a graduate of the Royal College of Art. Of British and Armenian descent, Christina spent her childhood in the Middle East - the very landscapes where so many of the Bible's tales are set - which became a large influence on her illustrations. An acclaimed children's book artist, she has received widespread praise for her children's books, which are mainly mythology, Biblical stories, or retellings of traditional myths or stories.

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