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The Jesus Scandals Why he shocked his contemporaries (and still shocks today) David Instone-Brewer

23rd April 2012
Digital (delivered electronically)
192 pages:
Monarch Books
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The author's aim is to help thinking lay persons and people preparing sermons to apply NT ethics within a modern culture, while still remaining faithful to the text - by taking into account the ancient culture. This is high quality scholarship at a very accessible level. Over the centuries Jesus's teaching on ethical matters has often become muted and distorted. This book sets the matter straight. Here are 30 areas of ethical debate: in each context Jesus offered insights which would have left his contemporaries agape. They range from singleness (rare: could Jesus be trusted?) to abortion (unwanted children were strangled, and the early church notably took a strong stance against this practice) to sexual immorality (the NT church had an unusually high number of people who had been sexually promiscuous) to boasting (Jesus taught his disciples to take lowly titles as he did for himself, but the church ignored him).
The Revd Dr David Instone-Brewer is Senior Research Fellow and Technical Officer at Tyndale House, Cambridge. A Baptist minister, his hobby is computer programming. A rabbinic scholar, he is author of many academic and popular articles, and of 'Divorce and Remarriage in the Church: Biblical Solutions for Pastoral Realities', published by Paternoster.

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