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The Jesus Inquest The case for, and against, the resurrection of the Christ Richard Foster

23rd June 2006
304 pages: 216mm x 138mm x 17mm
Monarch Books
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Most books defending the Resurrection do not give adequate room to the arguments against. Charles Foster presents key points as a heated, no-holds barred debate between barristers. 'There are grounds for Christian confidence,' says the author. 'The best way of demonstrating that is to have a fair fight.' The key arguments against the Resurrection, all of which Foster deals with robustly, include: The evidence is hopelessly fragmentary; Jesus did not die on the Cross; it was highly unlikely the Romans would hand a body over; why should the Romans really bother to guard the tomb of a tin-pot Messiah?; Mark's Gospel is the primary source for both Matthew and Luke, and Mark does not deal at all with post-Resurrection appearances.

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