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The Death of Mungo Blackwell Lauren H Brandenburg

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18th October 2019
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304 pages:
Lion Fiction
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"We all need to know what's missing in our lives. At a funeral people describe everything a person has accomplished in their life, but what if they missed something? What if there was one thing they never got to do? And what if they had a chance to go back and do it?" The Blackwells are a family with an astounding history and traditions, which include holding their funerals before they die! Their ways are questionable and their stories about deceased relatives are as bold as their red hair, but it is their eclectic wares that keep tourists coming back to their market in the town of Coraloo. Charlie Price, whose world has come crumbling down after a lapse in judgement leaves him unemployed, finds himself flung into the chaotic world of the Blackwells when he relocates to Coraoo with his socialite wife, Velveteen, and comic book-obsessed son, Gideon. Here Charlie attempts to make a living as a "picker", reselling underpriced items he picks up at the market. Some of the Blackwells welcome him with open arms and but others resent pickers and want him thrown out of the market. Charlie soon finds this new way of life under threat and his quest for simplicity seems to be crumbling. Perhaps it's time for Charlie to have a funeral of his own... This charming story of hope will warm your heart and make your imagination soar.
Lauren H Brandenburg is an inspirational speaker, mentor, and author. Her fourth book in The Books of the Gardener series, Orlo: The Created, was a 2017 finalist for the Selah Middle Grade Novel of the Year. Her first Lion Fiction novel is The Death of Mungo Blackwell. As a former English teacher, and now homeschooling mom, Lauren combines her love of 'the what if' with her spirit of adventure and faith to delight and encourage readers young and old. She currently teaches creative writing in her homeschool community and to young writers nationwide. Lauren holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Georgetown College, is the president of the Middle Tennessee chapter of American Christian Fiction Writers, and an active participant with the writers of Realm Makers. She lives with her husband and two children in Nashville, Tennessee.

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