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The Bible from Scratch A lightning tour from Genesis to Revelation Simon Jenkins

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19th March 2004
256 pages: 178mm x 178mm x 13mm

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For all who find the Bible a bit daunting, The Bible from Scratch could be just what's needed. It offers a lightning sketch of the Bible using easy-to-follow graphics and explains clearly and simply the essential meaning of every Bible book. It provides helpful hints for understanding what each biblical writer was aiming to get across to his readers. And it introduces all the famous people and events in the Bible story. Lively, witty and entertaining, it's the ideal starting point for all who want to get better acquainted with the world's bestselling book, but don't know where to start.
Inside the Bible from Scratch Big, black book Around the Bible in 30 days OLD TESTAMENT Intro to the Old Testament Moses - The first five books of the Bible have Moses as their starring character and the Exodus as their main event. Israelites - Books telling the story of the Israelites, from their arrival in Canaan to their forced exile in Babylon...and back again Poetry - A short section of books with poetry, songs, proverbs and deep stuff about life, death, the universe, etc. Prophets - The writings of the prophets who had visions, protested against injustice and forged a new understanding of God Disputed! - A quick guide to the disputed books of the Old Testament NEW TESTAMENT Intro to the New Testament Jesus - Not just one, but four versions of the life of Jesus, as told by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John The Church - The message of Jesus travels from Jerusalem to Rome in the space of a single book - the book of Acts Letters - Intercepted mail from the first Christian churches, complete with revealing, embarrassing and inspiring moments The End - The Bible's showstopping ending, with trumpets, giant choirs, the curtain drawn back on heaven, and every tear wiped away Revelation The 7 Churches Understanding it
Simon Jenkins is an author, editor and illustrator. His previous publications include Bible Mapbook (Lion 1985) and Windows into Heaven: The Icons and Spirituality of Russia (Lion 1998).

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