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The Bible Made Clear An Illustrated Guide David Winter

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14th March 2008
160 pages: 216mm x 138mm

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The Bible Made Clear is a guidebook for anyone approaching the Bible for the first time, or for those who want to feel more at home in its pages. Written in non-technical language, yet drawing on the latest fruits of study and research, this illustrated book starts with the 'story' of the Bible, and then unpacks its various literary styles. Wisdom, chronicle, poetry, allegory and apocalyptic elements are explained and illustrated. Sections on the Gospels and the great personalities of the Bible are supported by background historical and geographical information, and popular misconceptions about the Bible are also answered. Finally there is a comprehensive summary of every book of the Bible, with suggested passages from each to read.
Contents: 1. A Bird's Eye View: What's the Story? 2. The Bible: History? 3. The Bible as Story Book 4. The Bible and Ethics 5. Heroes and Villains 6. The Gospels: Biography with Bite 7. Wisdom ad Wise Sayings 8. The Bible and the Future 9. Any Objections? 10. The Reduced Bible
David Winter is well known as a writer and broadcaster. Former Head of Religious Broadcasting at the BBC, he is a Consulting Editor of BRF's People's Bible Commentary series and author of With Jesus in the Upper Room, Old Words, New Life ,and Journey to Jerusalem. For Lion he has written The Nation's Favourite Prayers and The Espresso Bible.

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