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The Archaeology of the Bible James K. Hoffmeier PhD.

22nd March 2019
Digital (delivered electronically)
224 pages:
Lion Scholar
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For the past 200 years archaeological work has provided new information that allows us to peer into the past and open chapters of human history that have not been read for centuries, or even millennia. In The Archaeology of the Bible James K. Hoffmeier provides the reader with an incisive account of archaeology's role in shaping our understanding of the biblical texts.

Fundamental issues addressed throughout include how archaeological discoveries relate to biblical accounts, and the compatibility of using scientific disciplines to prove or disprove a religious book such as the Bible. This work is an ideal introduction to the societies and events of the Ancient Near East and their relation to our interpretation of the Bible.

James Hoffmeier teaches archaeology at Trinity International University Diviinity School, USA. He has extensive field experience as a hands-on archaeologist, together with an impressive academic career in archaeology and Near Eastern studies.

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