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The 4th Musketeer Living in the service of the King Henk Stoorvogel, Theo van den Heuvel

21st August 2015
Digital (delivered electronically)
256 pages:
Monarch Books
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4th Musketeer is a Christian men's movement, which started in Holland in 2008, and now has branches in seven countries. It takes its name from D'Artagnan, the ambitious young soldier who wants to join the elite troops of the French king, in the novel The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas. Henk and Theo set out how you, too, can become a hero, in the service of the King. They take the reader through the challenges of being a man ' deciding who is calling the shots, finding your potential, opening yourself to God, identifying what is worth living for, going all out for God,. Specific chapters address themes such as money, lust and forgiveness. 4M offer remarkably popular extreme character-building exercises, 72-hour physical and mental challenges and even tougher 'Muskathlons', to teach men that their capacity is far greater than they dreamed.

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