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The 10-Second Rule Following Jesus made simple Clare De Graaf

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22nd March 2013
192 pages: 165mm x 140mm x 17mm
Monarch Books
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Within ten seconds, do the next thing you're reasonably sure Jesus wants you to do, and you could change a life forever. - You pass a car with its bonnet up. By the time you decide to stop, you're a mile awayso you don't. - You see a woman crying in the supermarket. Something prompts you to ask if you can helpbut you keep walking. - You hope that you'll do better next timebut will you? Clare De Graaf offers a straightforward antidote to break these habits of inaction and re-energize your faith. He calls it The 10-Second Rule.
Contents My Story-and Perhaps Yours as Well 9 Part 1 The Principles 1 A Rule of Life 22 2 Dueling Voices 33 3 Listening to the Voice of God 46 4 Why Your Simple Obedience Matters 64 Part 2 The Practices 5 The Power of Small Beginnings 78 6 Pre-decisions 88 7 Love the One You're With 106 8 From a Rule to a Lifestyle 117 Part 3 The Preparation 9 The School of Jesus 134 10 Doing the Rule: 10430 147 11 Why Bother? 162 And Without You . . . 172 Study Guide 176
Clare De Graaf is a successful businessman and elder in a megachurch in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He has been mentoring men, college students, and teenagers for the past twenty-five years.

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