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Summon's Christian Miscellany Parminder Summon

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17th September 2004
126 pages: 198mm x 130mm

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The success of Schott's Original Miscellany has been a publishing phenomenon. It has spawned other books on food and drink and on sport but nothing on Christianity. This book steps into the breach and offers a wonderful, often amusing mix of trivia, random facts and lists of information about the Christian faith. For example, which are the most unusual saints? What are the ten commandments of the road? What are the things that God hates? A multi-layered cornucopia of fascinating facts, Summon's Christian Miscellany enables readers to peek at the breadth and depth of a transforming faith. Christianity throws up so many issues and questions - here is an attempt to answer just a few.
Just some of the questions covered include: - What are the ten commandments for the road? - Who is the patron saint of pawnbrokers? - How is the date of Easter calculated? - How can you summarise the Bible in fifty words? - Why was a 1631 version of the Bible known as The Adulterer's Bible? - How many classes of angels are there? - What are the Seven Heavenly Virtues?
Parminder Singh Summon was born in India and has been a Christian for over 20 years. He is married with 2 children and a leader in Nene Family Church, Peterborough. He has an MBA from Leeds University and his interests include appearing on TV quiz shows, magic tricks and Gideons International. He works as a community fundraiser for Cancer Research UK.

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