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Straight to the Heart of Job 60 Bite-Sized Insights Phil Moore

22nd May 2020
Digital (delivered electronically)
272 pages:
The Straight to the Heart Series
Monarch Books
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The book of Job is one of the oldest surviving pieces of writing in human history. It also deals with two of the biggest questions that humans have asked throughout history - what is God like, and why does he allow such suffering in the world? Allow Phil to take you on a journey through the book of Job to discover insights that have shaped the way that people have viewed God and viewed humanity for over 3,000 years.

God inspired the Bible for a reason. He wants you read it and let it change your life. If you are willing to take this challenge seriously, then you will love Phil Moore’s devotional commentaries. Their bite-sized chapters are punchy and relevant, yet crammed with fascinating scholarship. Welcome to a new way of reading the Bible. Welcome to the Straight to the Heart series.

About the Straight to the Heart Series 9
Introduction: Why Does God Allow Suffering? 11

The Perfect Man (Job 1:1–5) 16
Real (Job 1:6–12) 21
No Excuses (Job 1:12) 25
The Naked Worshipper (Job 1:13–22) 29
Close to Home (Job 2:1–10) 34
Job’s Three Friends (Job 2:11–13) 38

In the Dark (Job 3:1–26) 44
The Best Answers in the World (Job 4:1–11) 48
The Limits of Experience (Job 4:12–5:27) 52
The Glory of Kings (Job 4:12–5:27) 56
When the Sparks Start to Fly (Job 6:1–30) 60
Get Real (Job 7:1–21) 64
Tradition (Job 8:1–22) 68
Lift Your Eyes (Job 9:1–35) 72
Courtroom Drama (Job 9:32–35) 76
Prayer in a Minor Key (Job 10:1–22) 80
Unreasonable (Job 11:1–20) 85
Better Friend (Job 12:1–13:19) 89
Glimpses of Glory (Job 13:20–14:22) 93
Here We Go Again (Job 15:1–35) 97
What Suffering Achieves (Job 16:1–17:16) 101
Slot-Machine God (Job 18:1–21) 106
Price Tag (Job 19:1–29) 110

Afterlife (Job 19:25–27) 115
Beyond Reason (Job 20:1–29) 119
True Love (Job 21:1–34) 123
How Not to Pastor People (Job 22:1–30) 127
No Way (Job 23:1–17) 131
The School of Suffering (Job 23:10) 135
You’re Fired! (Job 24:1–25) 139
Half-Truth (Job 25:1–6) 143
Don’t Miss the Obvious (Job 26:1–4) 147
Natural Conclusions (Job 26:5–14) 151
Enough! (Job 27:1–23) 156

Interval (Job 28:1–28) 162
The Righteous One (Job 29:1–25) 167
Looking for Trouble (Job 29:16) 171
The Suffering Servant (Job 30:1–31) 175
The Curse-Bearer (Job 31:1–40) 179
Eyes Right (Job 31:1–12) 184
Am I Not a Man and a Brother? (Job 31:15) 188
God Knows What He is Doing… (Job 32:1–33:33) 192
… and What You are Doing (Job 34:1–37) 197
God Doesn’t Need You… (Job 35:1–16) 201

… but You Need God (Job 36:1–37:24) 205

Words, Words, Words (Job 38:1–3) 210
The Joy of Being God (Job 38:4–7) 214
Order, Order! (Job 38:8–15) 218
H2O (Job 38:16–30) 223
Stargazing (Job 38:31–33) 227
Where the Wild Things are (Job 38:34–39:30) 231
The Thief of Joy (Job 39:13–18) 235
Mid-Course Correction (Job 40:1–5) 239
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Job 40:6–41:34) 243

What Job Discovered About God (Job 42:1–6) 248
What Job Discovered About Prayer (Job 42:7–9) 252
What Job Discovered About the Devil (Job 42:10–11) 256
What Job Discovered About Prosperity (Job 42:10–17) 260
Conclusion: Why Does God Allow Suffering? 265
Acknowledgments 267

Phil Moore leads a thriving multivenue church in London, UK. He also serves as a translocal Bible Teacher within the Newfrontiers family of churches. After graduating from Cambridge University in History in 1995, Phil spent time on the mission field and then time in the business world. After four years of working twice through the Bible in the original languages, he has now delivered an accessible series of devotional commentaries that convey timeless truths in a fresh and contemporary manner. More details at www.philmoorebooks.com

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