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Soul Secrets Wisdom for living Tinuola Aregbesola, Sarah Young

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19th September 2003
192 pages: 118mm x 118mm x 15mm

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Soul Secrets is an original collection of inspirational thoughts focusing around issues of personality, attitude and motivation and the often hidden implications of the choices we make for our spiritual well-being. Its simple, common sense wisdom and clear-cut priorities will challenge and encourage anyone seeking inner wholeness and direction. 'Life is one book that only makes sense when it is read backwards.' 'If people have to be perfect to get your love, make sure you're perfect in order to get theirs.' 'If seeing a person searching through dustbins, begging for food or sleeping in doorways doesn't move us, maybe it's time we took our hearts out of the freezer.' 'A garden without rain is barren. A life without tears is dry. Tears are part of the cleansing process.'
Quotes collected under the following headings: How I view myself How I view others How I view life How I view difficulty How I view choice How I view change

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