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Soul Searchers An Anthology of Spiritual Journeys Teresa de Bertodano

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19th October 2001
256 pages: 234mm x 156mm

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These powerful and passionate selections bring together writers whose search for truth and understanding has spanned over two millennia and several continents. The book is divided into three sections and journeys: the first journey of late teens and early adulthood (when we attempt to discover a measure of stability and 'who we are'); the second journey which can occur at any time from the late twenties to fifties or sixties and can be triggered by something which causes all previous certainties to be questioned; and the third journey which takes us into the final stage of life moving towards death. The collection includes 20 or so journeys from ancient times to the nineteenth century, and 20 or so from modern times. People featured include: Jesus, St Augustine, Dante, Ignatius, Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Dostoevksy, Edith Piaf, Maya Angelou, Mary McAleese, CS Lewis, Charles Colson and Nelson Mandela.

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