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Sins of the Fathers A David Hidalgo novel Leslie Norman Cowan

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25 Oct 2019
320 pages: 130 x 198 mm
Lion Fiction
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Father Ramón was a priest with a problem. How can a normal healthy young man cope with both the demands of the priesthood and his attraction to women? Appealing to the bishop doesn't help. Do what you must but make sure I don't find out, was the astonishing reply. Fifteen years later, Ramón comes out of prison. Instead of feeling guilt and remorse, he is now bent on revenge against those who testified against his shocking exploitation of children. Most are easy to find but there is one last piece missing in his puzzle: Andrea has moved to Edinburgh. David Hidalgo continues to pastor his church. Nowadays, this includes an English chat group for the many young people leaving Spain and looking for work in Edinburgh, people like Andrea. As Andrea slowly realises her past has terrifyingly become her present, once again David Hidalgo finds himself in the middle of a problem he wasn't looking for. Can David help halt Ramón's revenge or will there be further casualties...
Les Cowan lives and works in Ribadeo, Spain, which is one of the underlying inspirations for his writing. He studied English Language and Literature in Edinburgh, the other location brought to life his debut series.

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