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Seven Ways to Change the World Reviving faith and politics Jim Wallis

21st March 2008
288 pages: 216mm x 138mm

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In Seven Ways to Change the World, Jim Wallis argues that politics has failed to solve the biggest issues of our time: extreme and needless poverty, global warming and environmental degradation, terrorism and the endless cycle of violence, racism, human trafficking, health and education, respect for human life and the crisis in families and parenting. Whatever happened to the 'common good'? Writing out of a US context but applicable to the wider world, Wallis helps us rediscover our moral centre and infuses us with the inspiration and passion we need to chart a new course and build the kind of movements that change politics.
Jim Wallis, an evangelical, is the leading figure at the crossroads of religion and politics in America today. He is the founder of Sojourners, a US network of progressive Christians working for justice and peace. He is a bestselling author and his columns appear in the 'New York Times, 'Washington Post', and 'Los Angeles Times'.

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