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Searching 4 Faith Brian Draper

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20th January 2006
128 pages: 216mm x 138mm x 8mm
Questions of Faith

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In Searching 4 Faith, Brain Draper explores what it means to have faith in today's society, where a huge clash of interests - increasing consumerism with an awareness to protect the earth's resources, a disposable culture with the yearning for something longer lasting - can lead to confusion and people wondering where to turn. Considering some some of today's key issues in an imaginative way, the book offers a reflective journey for anyone wanting to explore the adventure of faith.
Brian Draper runs Echosounder, a consultancy which works with leaders and organizations to nurture their spiritual intelligence. He regularly contributes to "Thought for the Day" on the Today programme on BBC Radio 4. He is the inspirational author of Labyrinth and Spiritual Intelligence and his work has been acclaimed by Oliver James and Douglas Coupland.

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