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Saints Scot Bower, Linda Baker Smith

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23rd October 2009
128 pages: 190mm x 150mm

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From Polycarp to St Francis, from Brigid to Clare - and many others inbetween - this strikingly illustrated book tells stories of heroism and humility, adventure and servanthood, from the lives of the Western and Eastern saints from the time of the Early Church Fathers to the mid 13th century. Combining engaging narrative, prayers and feature boxes with evocative original artwork by Linda Baker Smith, Saints brings the men and women of the past vividly to life and offers insight into how their concern for devotion, contemplation, stability, compassion and reconciliation speak to us today in our ever-busy world.
Linda Baker Smith is an experienced illustrator and artist, who lives in Bath. Her striking illustrations for Angels by Jane Williams won international acclaim.

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