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Resurrect David E Stevens

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22 Jun 2012
384 pages: 138 x 216
The Resurrect Trilogy
Monarch Books
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"Thrilling, technically astute, and knowledgeable of the inner workings of an elite club. It gifts the reader with the excitement and fear that accompany dark nights when things go wrong in the air." – Vice Admiral Joe Dyer, former Chief Test Pilot of the US Navy, COO of iRobot Preventing his burning fighter from crashing into a neighborhood, Navy Commander Josh Logan ejects … too late. Critically injured, he’s offered a new life and mission – exploiting highly classified military technology to stop a global cataclysm. The price? He’ll be dead to everyone he knows. A year later, he wakes in a city hospital with altered appearance and enhanced abilities. Guided by nothing but a voice, he must infiltrate the military-industrial complex, recruit a team and develop the world's most powerful weapon – to protect humanity. The more he learns, the more he questions who, or what, is behind his resurrection as the clock counts down to the end of the world. "One of the most interesting books I have ever read. He sold me. I am a fan." - Tommy Harper, CEO, T And L Associates Inc. "Action, philosophy … jet fighters - what more could you ask for in an adventure novel?" - Hall of Fame Astronaut Ken Bowersox "I read it in a single session. A great story which keeps moving along and tantalizing the reader." – Dr. Bill Napier, astrophysicist and bestselling author of Nemesis "Should make a blockbuster film!" - Fred Miller, producer, When Angels Sing www.resurrecttrilogy.com
A Navy Commander and fighter pilot, Dave Stevens holds engineering degrees from Cornell University and the University of Michigan. He served in Desert Storm as the Strike Operations Officer for the Persian Gulf and was qualified as a Nuclear Weapons Delivery Pilot. Dave held a Top Secret clearance and managed classified Defense programs.

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