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Psalms, Prayers and Praises Sophie Piper, Angelo Ruta

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19th October 2012
64 pages: 170mm x 138mm x 12mm
Lion Children's Books
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A beautifully illustrated collection of prayers. Many of these prayers have found inspiration from the Bible, others have come from the canon of best-loved prayers and include famous prayers from the saints. Small and elegant with a strong Biblical foundation, this is an ideal gift for a First Holy Communion.
Praising God 7 God's greatness 8 God's creation 10 God's salvation 12 Sing a song 14 Giving Thanks 17 For our world 18 For the seasons 20 For daily bread 22 For family and friends 24 For God's goodness 26 Seeking Forgiveness 29 Confessing 30 Forgiven 32 Forgiving 34 Moving on 36 Following the Way 39 Coming close to God 40 Obeying God's word 42 Growing in Grace 44 Learning to pray 46 Trusting in God 49 God's faithful love 50 God's protection 52 God's enabling 54 God's Blessing 57 Safe this night 58 Heavenly peace 60 Blessings 62 Index of First Lines
Sophie Piper is the pseudonym of an in-house author.|Illustrator, stage and set designer and film director, Angelo Ruta lives in Milan, where he studied scenography at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera. He has also studied illustration and cinema/television cinematography. He is currently working as an illustrator, graphic designer, film/theatre scriptwriter and director.

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