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Postmodernism Kevin O'Donnell

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17th April 2003
160 pages: 179mm x 125mm
Lion Access Guides

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'Postmodernism' is the name given to a range of philosophical positions and aesthetic styles that have developed since the 1950s.

Underlying postmodernism is the belief that all human knowledge is limited and culturally conditioned. In this new title in the Lion Access Guides series, Kevin O'Donnell takes us on an enlightening tour of postmodernist philosophy - its origins and the main tenets of postmodernist ideas. His tour also takes in related subjects such as the arts, ethics, politics and theology.

Topics covered include: What is Postmodernism; The Nature of Truth; Deconstructionism; Derrida and the Poststructuralists; The Feminine; The Self and Personality; Art, Politics and Ethics; and Scepticism or the Possibility of Faith.
Kevin O'Donnell is an Anglican priest who was an RE teacher both before and after theological training at St Stephen's House, Oxford. Before returning to parish ministry in 1999 he was chaplain at Heathfield School, Ascot. He is the author of a number of RE text books and contributor to others.

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