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Planting Mission-Shaped Churches Today

20th January 2006
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Planting on a significant scale changes the church and changes the world. The Western world may be dotted with churches, but congregations are sparse and frequently dying. All too many communities lack a viable Christian presence. It is time to plant mission-shaped churches. The evidence is clear: those who plant churches define the Church's future shape. In America in 1800 Baptists and Methodists were fringe groups. By 1900 they were the mainstream. To plant churches must be a key part of any mission strategy. What, then, are the key principles? What experience is relevant? How does the church-planter get support, build a team, select a location, instil a vision? Will the resulting church be healthy enough to reproduce itself within five years? Once it is planted, how do you build a church that will last? New churches are impacting communities across the West, and Martin Robinson draws upon dozens of varied examples to illustrate his case.

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