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Old Testament Tales Bob Hartman

22nd June 2012
96 pages: 198mm x 130mm
The Unauthorized Version
Lion Children's Books
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Popular storyteller Bob Hartman is renowned for his fresh take on often-told stories, bringing them to life with vibrant characters and a lively twist in the tale. Bob now launches a new series of stories " The Unauthorized Versions " which are packed full of humour, mischief, silliness, and fun - but which all have a good-hearted and memorable conclusion. These easy-to-read Old Testament stories are inspired by the Bible - but given a completely original slant. Retold at a cracking pace, this black and white line illustrated book (in a style perfectly matched to Bob's mischievous storytelling) makes an ideal read for those who prefer something a little more wayward on their bookshelves, particularly boys aged 7-9.
Adam's Version The Garden of Eden Genesis 1-2 The Shepherd Boy's Version Moses and the Burning Bush Exodus 3-4 The Donkey's Version Balaam's Donkey Numbers 22, Joshua 13 The Soldier's Version The Battle of Jericho Joshua 6 The Detective's Version Gideon and the Statue of Baal Judges 6 The Official Version David and Goliath 1 Samuel 17 The Widow's Version Elijah and the Widow 1 Kings 17 Nigel's Version The Young Men at the Court of Babylon Daniel 1 The Lion's Version Daniel in the Lions' Den Daniel 6

Bob Hartman is a performance storyteller par excellence. He has been entertaining audiences on both sides of the Atlantic for over 25 years with his books and performances, which bring together retellings of Bible stories and traditional tales from around the world with his own imaginative stories. His books are full of humour and insight, whilst his storytelling sessions are exciting, engaging, dynamic – and above all, interactive! He is well known for his hugely popular The Lion Storyteller collection, the Telling the Bible series, and the highly acclaimed picture books: The Wolf Who Cried BoyDinner in the Lions' Den and The Three Billy Goats' Stuff.

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