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Mr Aesop's Story Shop Jago Silver, Bob Hartman

21st October 2011
48 pages: 260mm x 215mm
Lion Children's Books
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'My name is Aesop! Once I was a slave. Now I am a free man. I have refreshments to sell and stories to tell. Stop for a moment - and enjoy!' Bob Hartman uses all his skills as a storyteller to add humour, irony, action and clever dialogue to these new retellings of ten of Aesop's fables, which he has woven into an entertaining tale about a man who tells stories for a living. Included is a rich mix of familiar and less well-known tales selected for their relevance to the life of children today. Streetwise tricksters get their comeuppance, virtue is rewarded, and readers are shown the benefits of good behaviour - but with the Hartman touch these stories are far from being the typical moral tale. Animated, witty and characterful illustrations echo the flavour of the text.
Contents: Introduction 5 The Mouse and the Lion 7 The Crow and the Jar 12 The Fox and the Grapes 16 The City Mouse and the Country Mouse 20 The Ant and the Dung Beetle 25 The Fox and the Raven 28 The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing 32 The Dog and the River 36 The Tortoise and the Hare 39 The Wolf and the Dog 44
Bob Hartman, author of the best-selling Lion Storyteller Bible, and other titles in the Storyteller series, the highly acclaimed Angels, Angels All Around, and the hilarious Wolf Who Cried Boy. He regularly entertains children with his storytelling in schools and at festivals.

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