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Mother of Malawi She created an oasis of love in a country of orphans Annie Chikhwaza, Al Gibson

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19 Apr 2013
320 pages: 130 x 198 x 25 mm
Monarch Books
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Throughout her life Annie Chikhwaza has retained a heart for the marginalised. First in Holland, then in South Africa, now in Malawi, she has reached out with practical help. When she married a poor African pastor and moved to Malawi, she was horrified by the thousands of orphans on the streets. Today Annie cares for 200 children, some HIV positive, and has built a small town called Kondanani ('Love one another'), with a medical facility, nursery school, primary school, high school and farm. In a country with more than one million orphans Kondanani is an oasis of love. Annie is tough. She has overcome molestation, divorce, carjacking, a broken back, attempted murder, attempted rape, and the death of her beloved husband. Yet she has a vision, and will not be deflected. This is her story.
Annie Chikhwaza runs an orphanage in Malawi with great love and equally great efficiency.|Born in Zimbabwe in 1962, Al Gibson graduated with a degree in journalism. Since 2001 he has lived and worked in Britain with GOD TV as their Central Communications Officer

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