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Mosaic Life in pieces Chris Aslan

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21st May 2021
Digital (delivered electronically)
352 pages:
Lion Fiction
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With her best friend Sholum dead and her brother Phanuel paralysed, Tabita struggles to image how life can go on. Blaming Phanuel and his friends for the accident that claimed Sholum’s life, Tabita harbours deep resentment toward her brother and even wishes him dead.

A trip away from her small village and into the Holy City helps change Tabita’s perspective, particularly when she encounters an incredible healer known as the Teacher. Not only does he have the potential to restore her brother, but he also suggests a way for Tabita to heal her bitter heart.

Will Phanuel walk again? Will Tabita ever be able to forgive? Will the Teacher escape the clutches of the religious teachers who desperately want to silence him?

This powerful reimagining for the Bible story in which a group of friends lowers a paralysed man through a roof will make readers feel as though they were right there at the heart of the action.

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