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Mentoring Matters Building Strong Christian leaders - Avoiding burnout - Reaching the fini Rick Lewis

12th September 2012
Digital (delivered electronically)
256 pages:
Monarch Books
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Mentoring Matters explains a reproducible model for maximizing the potential of leaders and helping them go the distance. It gets behind the issues of leadership skills to address the leader as a person - their spirituality, emotional health, key relationships, vulnerabilities and rhythms of life. This approach to mentoring is highly flexible so that it can be tailor-made for each mentoring partnership, not relying on a strict format or curriculum. The mentor functions as a doctor of the soul, pulling us back to our most noble intentions and perceptive insights. The approach is formal and organised - and highly effective.
Dr Rick Lewis is a practitioner of mentoring, serving around 70 senior Christian leaders in Australia, the UK, Europe and South-east Asia. Rick is the convenor of the Australian Christian Mentoring Network leadership committee, founder of Anamcara Consulting in Australia, Director of Mentoring for ForMission in the UK and a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. Rick was a local church pastor for 30 years before transitioning to freelance ministry in 2011. His first book, Mentoring Matters, deals especially with formal, structured mentoring for Christian leaders.

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