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Mentoring Marriages Use your experience of the ups and downs of married life to support othe Harry Benson

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22nd April 2005
256 pages: 198mm x 130mm x 18mm
Monarch Books
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Mentoring Marriages is a clear, fun, easily-followed guide to help you and your husband or wife mentor a less experienced couple, helping them to talk through issues such as money, sex and children. As you share your own struggles you can offer them hope, ideas and a way forward. You will make friends for life - and mentor couples attend a lot of weddings!

Harry Benson is one of Britain’s leading champions for marriage. As research director for Marriage Foundation, his findings are routinely cited in the media and by politicians and have made front page news on several occasions. Harry has spent the last twenty years researching, writing and teaching about marriage and family. Harry is the author of Commit or Quit, What Mums Want (and Dads Need to Know), Let's Stick Together, and Mentoring Marriages.

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