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Magic in the Pool of Making Beth Webb

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22 May 1998
192 pages: 111 x 178 mm
Lion Children's Books
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Years of pollution and misuse have put the River Planet in danger. Manny, a mysterious and starving Sand-boy is the only person who knows how to put it right. Now, through a simple act of kindness, Johin (always accompanied by her pet mouse Nuffle) is entwined in a dangerous quest set by this charismatic stanger. Together, they race against time and the evil Brilliance to save the planet.
BETH WEBB lives in Somerset with her four children and an entourage of pets. Her stories are mostly based on real places or events, intertwined with traditional folk legends. Her other novels for Lion Children’s Books are The Magic in the Pool of Making, The Dragons of Kilve, The Witch of Wookey Hole and Foxdown Wood.

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