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Jesus Michael Keene

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22nd March 2002
160 pages: 179mm x 125mm
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Jesus Christ is one of the most influential figures of all time. But what do we know about him? What was the basis of his teaching? And how has he helped to shape human history? This book paints a clear and engaging portrait of the founder of Christianity.
Areas covered include: The World of Jesus; How We Know About Jesus; The Beginnings of Jesus' Life; Jesus' Ministry; Jesus the Teacher; Jesus' Death and Resurrection; and Jesus Through History (including Jesus in Art, Jesus in Films and Jesus in Different Cultures).
Michael Keene graduated from London University with an Honours degree in Theology and Religious Studies. He spent many years teaching in different schools in London, Hampshire and Suffolk. He started writing full-time 15 years ago and his books include The Development of Christianity (Stanley Thornes), Seekers after Truth (Cambridge University Press) and Examining Four Religions (HarperCollins).

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