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Jesus, Man or Myth? Carsten Meedom

17th January 2014
Digital (delivered electronically)
160 pages:

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Jesus Christ is one of the most revered and, at the same time, maligned figures in human history. What is the truth about him? Can we reliably know anything at all? In this clear and authoritative book, a leading historian and theologian faces head-on the difficult questions about the historical Jesus. He invites readers to lay aside any preconceived ideas that may have and to examine the evidence. They may be surprised at the findings.
Each chapter tackles a different question. These include: - Did Jesus really exist? - How do we know the stories about him are true? - How was he born? - What was his place in Jewish tradition? - Wasn't he just a good man and charismatic leader? - Who did he think he was? - How could he be God and man at the same time? - Did he really do miracles? - What was so special about his teaching? - Did he really die on the cross? - Did he really rise from the dead?

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