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Incontinent on the Continent Jane Christmas

21st October 2016
Digital (delivered electronically)
320 pages:

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To honour a promise to her dying father, Jane takes her ageing incontinent mother to Italy. What could possibly go wrong? Jane Christmas had always had a difficult relationship with her mother, but thought that a mother and daughter trip to Italy could be the start of a whole new friendship. In this hilarious but poignant memoir, she discovers that it will not be that easy. Describing her mother as a cross between 'Queen Victoria and Hyacinth Bucket', Jane struggles to build bridges to a woman she has always found a puzzle, while also trying to cope with her mother's failing health and physical needs.
Jane Christmas is an acclaimed Canadian writer of travel memoirs: Incontinent on the Continent (2009 - aging mother and daughter travel to Italy), and What the Psychic Told the Pilgrim (2007 - "equal parts Nora Ephron and Bill Bryson"; "relentlessly smarter, funnier and holier than thou"). She now lives in Devon in the UK.

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