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In Times of Need Words to Comfort Sue Atkinson, David John Atkinson

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20th August 2004
48 pages: 148mm x 100mm

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An attractive gift book which brings together inspirational quotations from a wide range of sources with beautiful photographic images taken from nature. The book is ideal as a gift for all those who are experiencing difficult times - whether from physical or mental illness, or from major life crises such as unemployment or divorce. Both authors are experienced writers and counsellors. Sue Atkinson, in particular, has written extensively on her own experience of depression.
SUE ATKINSON is the author of CLIMBING OUT OF DEPRESSION, a highly successful book which has proved invaluable to many sufferers because it is written from the point of view of a sufferer rather than an 'expert'. She is a specialist in mathematics education and has co-authored a definitive maths teaching scheme. The wife of a CoE archdeacon, she has four grown up children and lives in Norwich.|

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